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Why are #crows so cool?1. Crows are fearless and will chase eagles. 2. They will drop sticks and stones on predators or people.3. They can use tools and even learn some basic human language4. Crows have an excellent memory. They stash food in many places, move it from place to place and remember exactly where they placed it.5. They have the largest brains of all birds except some parrots. Their brain to body ratio is equivalent to a chimp’s and not far from that of human’s.

Don’t you love when you are expecting a creepy dead bug

Don’t you love when you are expecting a creepy dead bug from a friend and she sends you all this extra cool stuff for your collection of dead things? She knows the way to my heart! Thanks Sara! You’re my new bff!...

One of the three commissions

One of the three commissions I’m currently working on in between working on approximately 875,382 websites. #ijustwanttodrawprettypictures


I stopped working at 10 pm

I stopped working at 10 pm thinking I’d just draw for a few minutes and then go to bed. Now it’s been another 2 hours and I’m still drawing. #ijustwanttodrawprettypictures #365accordionproject

What it looks like

What it looks like when you have giant flowers and dragonflies in your hair. #ijustwanttodrawprettypictures #365accordionproject

Trying to organize my jewelry…

Trying to organize my jewelry so I can photograph it and get it up on my website for sale! In the meantime, if you see something in these photos you have to have, let me know and I can make it happen!

Word of the day: Procrastiwork

Word of the day: Procrastiwork procrastiwork[proh-kras-tuh-wurk, pruh-] verb (used without object), procrastiworked, procrastiworking to defer one action by doing another action which is productive, but not what you are supposed to be doing I procrastiworked the...

Drawing in my sketchbook is my favorite thing

Drawing in my sketchbook is my favorite thing to do these days. Well, drawing and drinking coffee. Well, drawing, drinking coffee and eating ice cream. Okay, drawing, drinking coffee, eating ice cream and sleeping. But mostly drawing in my sketchbook. Parenthetically,...

I drew a weird frog

I drew a weird frog. Which is totally creepy when next to a naked woman not much bigger than he is.

I’m ridiculously excited

I’m so ridiculously excited to have my chubby little hands on this gorgeous Maker’s Magazine! …It’s full of beautiful art by women about women and I can’t wait to dive into it and devour every page!…I also have this weird habit of wanting to save things I’m so...


I drew a magpie last night. Stayed up most of the night and filled the third Moleskine Japanese Album in my #365accordionproject. Time to start a new one…as soon as I get the feeling back in my hand! What should I start the new one...

Throwback Thursday

Taking you back to 1992 in #Savannah when I was studying #fiberart at @scaddotedu. I started grad school there in 1991 as a painting major and couldn’t figure out why my professors and other grad students hated my beautiful (I thought) paintings with subtle colors and...

Pixel the intern

Pixel the intern helping me plan a new wedesign offering. She’s a harsh editor.

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