Barkley Regional Airport

Regional Airport

Airports tend to be cold, impersonal spaces where once you go inside and through security, you can’t go outside again. The design of the new terminal at Barkley Regional Airport is warmer than most, with natural wood tones and large windows. Combine that with my larger-than-life artwork which was designed to transport travelers from inside the the airport to the fields and gardens of the region; it’s a warm welcoming environment that brings the outside in.

The flora and fauna are all found in and around Paducah and the piece was titled after Angles, the Paducah home of former Vice President Alben Barkley. The gate area has large windows on either side looking out into the fields where you might see some of these plants and animals. As you walk in through security or out through the hallway defined by my glass wall, you will literally be walking alongside the work as if you were walking through the garden.

Learn more about the project on the Barkley Regional Airport website.