Still catching up… March 9th of #marchmeetthemaker is “Rough/Mock up” and I’m going to talk more about the design side here instead of the art.⁠ Here’s an example of a recent logo I completed.

ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying is a beautiful home in San Antonio that cares for three guests who need space and care at the end of their lives. They have used several different versions of a logo over the last few years with the image of a tree of life or tree of contemplative practices (the last three images). The concept is great for their mission, but needed a bit of tweaking. I was approached to update the logo and expand their branding to feel more like the space and connect more to their mission.⁠⠀

I added a house shape and a simplified tree drawing to make a logo that is more easily reproduced and identifiable. The trunk of the tree starting off wider at the bottom and narrowing to a vanishing point as it goes up represents the journey the guests are embarking on. The color blue for the logo and the other brand colors are taken from the original painting that the old logo was based on. The color is also found throughout the house and even on their coffee mugs. The colors represent calm, strength, tranquility, peace, healing…⁠⠀
Sometimes I do a gazillion sketches on paper to work out ideas. Sometimes I skip the paper sketches and go straight to designing in Illustrator, but this represents the process of the majority of projects. One strong concept and several variations in sketches before brining it into Illustrator and refining it.


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