Still catching up with #marchmeetthemaker… I considered scrapping it since I’m so far behind, but I like to finish what I start!

So…Days 7 and 8 prompts for #marchmeetthemaker are “You” and “Love to make” — I’m combining them in an effort to catch up and because what I want to tell about myself includes what I love to make.

You often hear how artists are so right-brained – creative, free-spirited, not technical, not good at math. Obviously this is a stereotype — but I often find it to be true when talking to other artists.

I’m not like that. I’d say I’m pretty evenly balanced between left and right brain, creative and technical, art and math.

I never considered a career path other being an artist when I was growing up. But I also was very into math and was in the math honor society in high school. I took a class in 10th grade that taught me how to write programs to solve math problems. I may, in fact, be the only art major in the history of the world to have taken calculus as an elective in college.
So, although I studied fine art in college and grad school, I got a job doing graphic design and illustration and then I accidentally ended up with a career in web design.

I truly love both sides – creative/technical, right-brain/left-brain. I’ve found that the design and technical side of things has seeped into my art and my drawings are very precise, detailed and highly designed. I love doing these drawings and it satisfies one side of my brain tremendously. But then I miss the looser, freer, more intuitive side and that’s more satisfied by the collage/mixed media work that I do.

Scroll through these images to see a random mix of both sides of my brain and both sides of my art! My favorite work is when I’m able to combine both sides in one piece!


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