Yesterday’s #MarchMeetTheMaker prompt was Branding, but since I did March 1-3 on the 4th, I’m doing the 4th on the 5th and you can’t stop me! ⁠⠀
So, the prompt for the 5th is Branding. I’m going to interpret it a bit differently and not talk about the branding of my art business. You can see my logo versions here, but I also do branding for clients. ⁠⠀
Branding is much more than just a logo – although a logo is what most people think of when they think branding. I won’t go into a lesson on branding here, however, I’ll just show off some of my favorite logos I’ve designed for both my own businesses and clients over the years. ⁠⠀
Need a logo for your business? Shoot me a message and let’s chat about it!


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