A couple days behind again since I’m taking an art workshop this weekend!⁠⠀
March 5th’s #MarchMeetTheMaker prompt is “Close up” so here’s a closeup of a bee drawing I finished late the other night. This little guy is another example of me trying to make a quick simple drawing and get so caught up in every little detail that It takes forever! I love drawing these detailed drawings, but sometimes I just want to do a quick simple one. I may be a little obsessive. ⁠⠀
The flowers and insects I’ve been drawing are all done on the iPad in Procreate. I think that’s part of the reason I’m getting so detailed… it’s so easy to zoom waaaaaay in and do little tiny details. If I were drawing it on paper, my eyes and hands wouldn’t be able to get so close!⠀
Swipe to see the full bee on a white background and a black background.


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