Paid Vacation

Paid Vacation

As an artist working in the corporate world for a decade, I was stuck in cubicles and conference rooms when I’d have preferred to be in my studio painting. I’d been designing websites for other people rather than creating my own art. When I looked through the stacks and stacks of notes from unending project meetings and corporate training sessions, I realized that the conference room had become my studio. While designing large-scale internet applications for many different companies, I had also created small-scale works of art in the margins between my notes. These prints, from an exhibition entitledPaid Vacation: Drawings from Conference Rooms, are the result.

The organic shapes, leaves, flowers, figures and animals illustrate my need to escape the hard cold geometrical world of computers and technology and cubicles. The flowing lines and shapes were an antidote to the rigidity of my “day job” full of pixels and lines of code and corporate red tape. Making these drawings saved my sanity! The titles were created using an online tool I found called a corporate bullshit generator. Another symbol of the duality of my corporate vs. artistic life!

Paid Vacation

Architect Cutting-edge Solutions   Deliver Mission-critical Technologies

Engage Strategic Initiatives

Deploy Innovative Systems   Facilitate Efficient Relationships

Maximize Proactive Methodologies

Transform Strategic Initiatives   Orchestrate Mission-critical Systems   Transform Seamless Infrastructures

Seize Efficient Functionalities   Redefine Collaborative Models

Revolutionize End-to-end Deliverables   Transform Holistic Markets

Implement Innovative Experiences   Utilize Scalable Models



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August 9, 2014

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