Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been doing my own daily drawing project – drawing every day in a Japanese accordion fold Moleskine sketchbook. My goal is to draw in it every day in 2017 and continue from one to the next and create one looooooong drawing by the end of the year. I’ve been planning to also do another project for #the100dayproject which started today (yesterday by the time I post this). Ideas I considered include:

  1. a collage a day using only materials that I already have in my studio.
  2. a piece of jewelry a day – given that I have an art festival coming up next month and have virtually no work completed for it!
  3. a hand lettering project – since all of the sudden I find myself being asked to include lettering in my drawings and have no skills in this area.

After much anxiety and agonizing, I’ve determined that I don’t have the time to add another daily project to my schedule right now. Between the many graphic/web design clients I’m juggling and the art commissions I have and products I need to make for the upcoming festival and for Ochre, one daily project is enough. I’m already doing a daily project that I simply started sooner and will continue longer and I’d like to be part of the community of artists doing The 100 Day Project, so I’m going to tag my #365accordionproject as part of the project. Hopefully nobody will consider this cheating!


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