In October I participated in the #inktober challenge of doing an ink drawing every day of the month. I drew the 12 birth month flowers and made a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) calendar with the drawings.

I love to do daily challenges. If I haven’t committed to something very specific, it’s too easy to realize that 5 days have gone by without doing any drawing. I wasn’t done drawing flowers, so I decided to do a drawing of all the state flowers, one a week throughout 2019.

I then discovered that all of the states had insects too (who knew?), so I’m going to do a drawing of each flower with the state insect on it.

The twist? My new friend Bob (@unclebacon65), who is a printmaker, is doing the flower part of the challenge with me. Maybe occasionally I’ll convince him to do an insect, too. He’s doing block prints each week, while I draw mine in Procreate on my iPad. We’ll both post our drawings each Monday(ish)! First up is Alabama. The flower is the camellia and the insect is a monarch butterfly.


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