Embodiment: Body Mapping Encaustic Mixed Media Workshop


Investigate body perception and messaging and integrate a new perspective through the use of image, collage, word, color, texture and pattern all bound together with the layered approach of encaustic mixed media. Through the use of mindfulness exercises and a body map approach, this workshop will help you identify, integrate and layer your unique symbolic narrative into a reflective figurative representation to create an expressive self-portrait.

Join experienced artists and instructors Kelly Williams and Nikki May for a three-day workshop in Kelly’s gorgeous studio in Portland, Oregon. We’ll review basic techniques for people new to encaustic, but our main focus will be content over technique. By combining our individual artistic approaches and techniques, we will guide you through developing and articulating your individual narrative symbology into the figure.

We will take time at the end of each day to enjoy a glass of something refreshing and some happy hour nibbles. During this time we will share the day’s work and the embedded meaning (to your personal level of comfort), discuss progress and blocks both internally and technically and support each other in this deeply personal exploration.

$450 includes most supplies, including luscious paints and pigment sticks from R&F Paints.

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