Day 10 of #MarchMeetTheMaker is You

Hmmmm… about me. I’m Nikki D. May. I always include the D when I write my name because people – especially in the south – seem to want to think my name is Nikki May, like Betty Sue or Bobby Jo. It’s not. My name is also not Nicole, like people think it should be. It’s just Nikki.

I am an artist and designer in Paducah, Kentucky. I was born and raised in South Florida and moved to Atlanta to go to college. I stayed in and around Atlanta (Athens, Savannah and an unfortunate year in rural 
Alabama… but that’s a story for another time) until I moved to Paducah 15 years ago.

Even though I do a lot of design (web and branding) work for clients and sell art and products and do commissions – I work alone in my house. Sometimes I can go days without talking out loud to anyone. Often I love it. Rarely, it drives it me crazy.

I have a really unique house that is perfect for living and working in. It was designed by the previous owner to be her painting studio and gallery, with living space. So the front half of the house, what used to be an art gallery, is now my studio. The back part is a lovely living space – basically a good sized studio apartment, but with a nice full kitchen. More about that later in the month, now it’s time to draw!



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