Day 4 of #MarchMeetTheMaker is Tools & Materials

I have different areas of my studio set up for different types of work that I make. So here is an example of each of the kind of things that I make. .
The first four images are my true love and what I would keep doing if I couldn’t do any other forms of art. Uni-ball Signo pens (the finer the point the better!) and Moleskine sketchbooks (especially the Japanese accordion fold ones).

The next image is the tool I’m using most these days, my iPad and Apple Pencil. I’m obsessed with drawing on this sucker (using Procreate) and can lose entire days doing it!

The next four images are of the things I use to make jewelry. I haven’t been making any recently (see previous image for the reason).

And finally, another one of my true loves, but one I haven’t spent any time with recently, encaustic tools and materials.

I haven’t even shown or mentioned another one of my newest loves, my Glowforge! More on that in later posts.

There are just so many different things that I love to do and not nearly enough hours to do them all! How many of you feel the same way? If you could only choose one medium, what would it be? Obviously it would be ink drawings for me!



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