Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer some questions about your experience with working with me.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done together and would love to use your project on my website and marketing materials! I’d also like to know what you feel I did/do well and how I could improve.

Most of the questions are geared toward website design and development, but if we worked on branding together, please answer with that in mind.

Thank you for your time!

  • What were the issues of not having a solution to this problem? If you have them, can you share metrics to help quantify the problem (lost time, lost money, lost opportunities)?
  • What did you enjoy about working with me? What could have been improved? What expectations did you bring to this experience? Were those expectations met?
  • Have you saved time? Have you had more sales, leads or traffic? Have you changed the way you serve your customers? Was the project completed on time and in budget? What do you anticipate to be the return on your investment?
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