Day 20 of #MarchMeetTheMaker: Design process

My design process is pretty fluid. I start with a general idea, gather (or take my own) photographs for reference and start by doing a light pencil sketch of the main subject – whether that’s a figure or insect or flower – and then grab my favorite pen ( #uniballsigno) or my Apple Pencil – and start inking. The main subject is the only one that is planned and sketched first, the rest just flows intuitively out of my mind and my pen.

Once I’m done with the drawing, I might scan it and clean it up digitally to turn into prints, patterns or other products. I have a huge stash of images to pull from when I want to create products or patterns.
These days I’m doing most of my drawings on the iPad in Procreate with the Apple Pencil, so the sketch stage happens loosely on a layer that I then trace for more precision. I keep the “ink” drawing on separate layer from the color. Scanning step is eliminated, and I may vectorize the drawing in Illustrator if I need to be able to pull out elements, resize and turn it into patterns.


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