Oh wow, how can I choose just one thing to post for this one? I have gotten so much support from so many people over the years!

First up – my parents. From believing in my art enough to send me to art school and supplying me with whatever art supplies I needed as long as I was a student, to purchasing art from me over the years, to the recent investment they made to help me buy the products I had made with my designs in the last year so I had something to sell – they have been great financial supporters.

Next up – Sandi, my sister and lifelong best friend. She’s my biggest fan, best salesperson, biggest collector and has invested in more than I can count to help me make things.

My friends – especially Mary Thorsby – for supporting what I do, buying my art, getting me work and promoting the hell out my art and design work. Also, my very favorite person on the planet to work on projects with!

And finally, my adopted home of Paducah, Kentucky – Paducah has been supporting me since I moved here 15 years ago by showing my work (thanks Raven & Moth, Bricolage Art Collective, Yeiser Art Center, Ephemera Paducah), buying my art, design services and products (too many to list!), writing about me in magazines (thanks Paducah Life Magazine) and sharing my work on social media.

I couldn’t do what I do without all of you!


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