Day 15 of #MarchMeetTheMaker: Motivation/Goals⁣

My main goal has always been to be able to be a full time artist. I’m fortunate to be able to support myself with creative work, between web design and branding and art – and to be able to work for myself for the past 12 years. 2018 was my best year in terms of making money from art/product sales – and that is hugely motivating! ⁣

I also stay motivated to keep creating new things by doing challenges like this one and my current year-long state flower and insect drawing project. Well, that and the fact that I just feel compelled to constantly draw!⁣

I’m showing my most popular product ever – my 2019 Birth Month Flower calendar. The success of this calendar is hugely motivating and is driving my goals for the upcoming year of making products. ⁣

I really enjoy designing websites and plan to keep doing it, but my big goal is (and always has been) to make my art and my own design products be my main job and to be able to only take on client design work that I’m truly excited about. ⁣

P.S. There are still 10.5 months left in my calendar (it goes through January 2020) if you want to buy one. Link in bio.⁣



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