I worked on something really cool over the weekend and kept my big mouth shut while I waited to see if it would actually be published… .. The super-cool Rebecca Alexander is Kickstarting a much-needed app/website called AllGo: “a review site where fat people rate the comfort and accessibility of places so others can know what it’s like.” .. After learning about the project from Your Fat Friend, I made a small donation to the project and emailed Rebecca and let her know that I’d love to help her out in some way. She asked me to draw a few of her high-profile supporters for an article in @popsugar and I was happy to comply! So here, for your viewing pleasure, is my illustration of @roxanegay74, @bitchesgottaeat, @themilitantbaker and @andimjulie. Click the link in my bio to see the full article with my illustration on POPSUGAR! And support the campaign in @kickstarter!!

Jes Baker Julie Murphy Roxane Gay Samantha Irby


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