I am an artist and designer from Paducah, Kentucky.

I spend my days trying to save the world from bad design and drinking too much coffee.

I really just want to draw pretty pictures.

Who am I?

I am a fine artist and creative professional with 22 years experience in the design industry, 20 years focused on web design. My experience ranges from Creative Direction for large-scale Fortune 500 web applications (while employed by IBM) to complete branding and web solutions for small businesses and artists.

After doing freelance design for 20 years under the name Blue Frog Designs and maintaining a separate website for my art, it’s time to make some changes. Blue Frog Designs has always been a one-person operation and now I’m merging my art and design sites into one. My commitment to my clients and to good clean design will never change, but you might as well start using my name for both art and design!

What I consist of

  • COFFEE 33.3%
  • SARCASM 33.3%